English Writing and Culture for Japanese Speakers

This course covers writing and culture in English. The course includes handwriting and cursive letters as well as how to write letters, emails, essays, and text messages in English. We look at differences between American and British culture, and explore body language and idiom, as well.

Your Instructor

アーロン ラルビー
アーロン ラルビー

Dr. Aaron Ralby, PhD – Aaron is the principal developer of ELT Tiger. Aaron is the inventor and developer of the Linguisticator program, a training course designed to teach non-linguists a method to learn languages in a thoroughly systematic manner. Originally designed for English speakers to learn other languages, Linguisticator soon became flooded with requests for an English program using the Linguisticator method. Using subtitles to make the course accessible to non-English speakers, ELT Tiger provides a solution for non-English speakers to learn English through the Linguisticator approach.

As a native English speaker, Aaron's passion remains for foreign languages, but he has seen the need for this kind of English training. He considers language training one of the most significant steps to developing peace internationally, and he views ELT Tiger in that light. Aaron holds a BA in English and Modern Languages and Linguistics concentrating in German from University of Maryland, Baltimore County; an MPhil in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic from the University of Cambridge; and a PhD in Medieval Studies from Cornell University, where he focused on medieval Germanic literature and philology.

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